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Pregnancy chiropractic care

Find relief

At Evolve, we work with our patients to create a chiropractic treatment plan, assuring the patient a comfortable pregnancy and to help facilitate an uncomplicated labor and delivery. We’ll do our best to help you find relief when you need it the most.

It's a fact

Approximately 50% of pregnant women experience back pain at some point before delivery. Relief may be as close as a visit to the chiropractor.

Safety first for our patients

Is chiropractic care safe during pregnancy?

Is it safe for me and the baby?

Yes, it is safe to see a chiropractor during pregnancy, and postpartum. Being pregnant can cause new and different aches and pains that you’ve never experienced before. Seeing a chiropractor during pregnancy can help soothe those new pains, especially if you had back pain prior to being pregnant.

Personalized treatment

Adjusting your body during pregnancy may look and feel a little different than before you were pregnant. Your chiropractor at Evolve will create a personalized treatment plan for you and talk to you about the various treatment options during your appointment. They will have different adjustments to work with you and with your growing tummy.

Creating comfort

Seeing your chiropractor at Evolve during pregnancy can affect you and the baby in a positive way. Adjustments, soft tissue work, and proper exercise education can help keep you feeling good during pregnancy. Our team will work with you depending on your goals!

Frequently asked questions

The right technique for you

When should I start?

Typically, pregnant patients receive chiropractic care about once a month while pregnant. But, each person and each pregnancy are different, so depending on your specific complaint, your chiropractor at Evolve will tailor a specific schedule and plan for you.

Why choose chiropractic care?

Expectant mothers can look to chiropractic care as a safe, natural and drug-free approach for their pregnancy. At Evolve, we are able to provide gentle adjustments that promote optimal health and comfort  throughout the duration of your pregnancy, and in some cases up to the day of your delivery.

What is a prenatal chiropractor?

A prenatal chiropractor uses various treatment techniques to help pregnant women maintain proper posture, alleviate joint or pelvic pain, and to help the mom-to-be reduce stress levels.

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